Home interior & lifestyle blogger, Antonia Ludden tests out the latest smart home security from Yale Smart Living and shares her top home security tips:

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With the dark nights drawing in, it’s important to make sure your home isn’t vulnerable to intruders. If you’ve recently moved in, you may not have had the chance to assess your home’s security needs with a quick audit, but it’s worth doing as soon as possible:

  • Walk around, inside and out, to consider where any weaknesses are. For example, overgrown hedges and bushes can shield a burglar from view as they break-in. Leaving things like ladders and tools outside while you are decorating and doing DIY is understandable, but you’re just making a thief’s life easier.
  • Your goal is to ensure your home is as unappealing to an intruder as possible and to restrict ease of access. Seeing a flashing alarm box, a loud and crunchy gravel drive and sturdy locks on gates, porches and doors, for example, will all act as a deterrent, meaning your home is less of a target.
  • Don’t offer secluded entry points; a bright wall light with a movement sensor is a good idea for front and back doors and windows, whilst garden gates and fences help to prevent anyone from simply wandering around your property.
  • Another good tip is to make people think there is someone home even when you’re not. This is especially important at this time of year when you are likely to be coming home from work in the dark. Programming your lights to come on at random times could fool someone who may be watching your house. A home automation system can help with this and is not as difficult or expensive to set up as you may think. After all, a little investment up front can save you the cost and heartache of a break-in.


Smart Home Security from Yale Smart Living

If your home doesn’t have an alarm, now is the time to think about getting one. The wire-free Sync Smart Home Alarm Family Kit from Yale Smart Living is a reliable and easy to set up piece of kit. You can do it yourself or seek professional installation from the Yale team if you prefer. Once it’s up and running, it is very easy to control. You will receive security alerts to your phone if there any unusual activity is detected, and you can fully or part alarm your home remotely with the user-friendly Yale Smart Living Home app.

As well as protecting your house, it can also incorporate your garage, shed or any other outbuildings up to a 200m range. After all, quite often we have valuable items such as bikes, tools etc stored in these places. Pet-friendly sensors are available to avoid animals setting off the alarm, too. The kit can even detect if someone is attempting to jam the signal (which will trigger the alarm and notify you on your phone). It’s reassuring to be able to keep tabs on your home even when you're not there because you can track the comings and goings of the kids and it can even remind you when leaving your house to set the alarm!

As well as a wireless alarm, it would be wise to consider something like the Yale Smart Living All-in-One Indoor/Outdoor Camera which enables you to visually check in on your home via your phone from any location.

It’s both a great standalone product, or one to complement additional Yale Smart Living indoor and outdoor cameras, and a very useful device to keep an eye on what's going on inside and outside your home, whilst being small and discreet when fitted to an outside wall.

Everything is controlled via the Yale Home View app and offers great versatility. For example, you need never miss a parcel delivery again and you can use it to look in on your pet whilst you are out. Another great feature is that it enables people who aren't physically able to get to the door to communicate with visitors or delivery people, via its two-way talk feature.

The Advantages of Being Fully in Control of your Home Security

There’s no doubt that today’s technology offers a lot of benefits, going way beyond the traditional burglar alarm set up where you needed to be home to activate or disable it and you would still miss a parcel delivery! Modern connected systems are so much more sophisticated, yet simple to use, offering greater flexibility and affordability.

Being able to control your security system remotely through an app on your phone saves time and effort and of course, the app can be put on more than one phone too, so all family members can use it.

Smart home security is not only efficient, effective and a great way to take care of your family, property and possessions, but you can build a complete smart home system incorporating home automation, too. This means being able to adjust the thermostat or switching on appliances via your phone or tablet. You could start by installing a smart alarm, then add smart locks, smoke detectors, smart plugs etc. The options are all there to tailor the system to you and your lifestyle.

All in all, the convenience, protection and peace of mind of having a system like this is evident. It could even add value to your property in the future.

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