One of the properties from One Vision Housing Customers sit at the heart of everything we do at One Vision Housing, and our friendly sales team are dedicated to helping first-time buyers take their first steps towards home ownership.

At One Vision Housing we have been offering home ownership opportunities through shared ownership at a variety of schemes throughout the North West region, helping hundreds of families get on the property ladder as a result.

Shared ownership offers prospective homeowners a unique way to get on the property ladder sooner than they would have thought possible. With shared ownership you purchase a percentage of a new home, meaning you are only required to secure a smaller mortgage, resulting in a reduced deposit, too.

With rental prices continuing to increase, sometimes costing more than a monthly mortgage, home ownership can often be more affordable than you think and the dream of owning your own home through shared ownership is more attainable now, than ever before.



What is Shared Ownership?

Shared ownership is a government backed scheme which allows you to purchase a share in a new build home, between 25% - 75% initially, and pay reduced rent on the remaining share. This offers an ideal solution if you can’t afford to buy a property outright. The higher the share you own, the less rent you will pay. Once you’ve successfully purchased 100% of your home you will no longer be required to pay rent.


How do I qualify?

Shared ownership typically helps first time buyers who are in employment, earning less than £80k a year, who can’t afford to purchase a home outright in their chosen location or to meet their housing need. This often includes people who are renting privately or from a housing association, and people living with family and friends. As well as first time buyers, those who already own a property may be eligible if they are unable to purchase a larger or smaller property which also meets their housing need. Some developments may require applicants to prove a local connection to the area.


Can I afford Shared Ownership?

Saving up for a deposit can often be the biggest challenge a prospective homeowner will face when wanting to purchase a home. This is why so many people are turning to shared ownership as a solution to getting on the property ladder.

Through shared ownership you only purchase a share of a new home, meaning your mortgage and deposit will be smaller as well. For example, if you want to purchase a new home and the full value of the house is £200,000 with shared ownership you could purchase a 30% share of that home for £60,000. If you only required a 5% deposit, then you would only need to save £3,000 to secure a mortgage for that home.


Can I buy more shares?

Absolutely. This is known as “staircasing”, and we encourage homeowners to staircase whenever possible.

When you buy more shares, your current rent will be reduced proportionally based on the extra share percentage you buy. Once you have successfully staircased to 100%, you will no longer pay rent and you will own your property outright.

Just as you did when you first purchased shares in your home, you will need to work with a solicitor and mortgage advisor when staircasing.

Developments by One Vision Housing

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At One Vision Housing we are committed to creating thriving, inclusive communities and as we continue to build developments which offer a variety of house types for growing families, we are certain we can help you find your dream home today.


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