Tyler Leech (26) and girlfriend Emily Watson (25) didn’t think they would ever be able to get on a property ladder until they discovered the shared ownership scheme from Persona Homes

Tyler and Emily

The couple had been renting a property in Gateshead but were desperate to move back to Newcastle in a place of their own.

“We were renting but really wanted to move back to Newcastle as that’s where we have family,” said Tyler. “We’re both from Newcastle so wanted to get back to this side of the river and put down roots near family. We had a bad experience renting and so really wanted to own our own home.”


After learning of the shared ownership scheme, Tyler and Emily were excited to think they could finally own a property.

“Emily heard about the shared ownership scheme from her friend and it sounded like the ideal solution,” said Tyler. “I think I can speak for our generation when I say there’s no way we could go for a 100% of a house. It would have taken us years and there would have been no point at all.

“I loved the idea of shared ownership as you get all the benefits of owning the house outright and it’s much more affordable for us. We worked out that it’s about £2 extra a month from what we were paying in rent and having the option to up the percentage is really appealing.

“It’s a great option. None of our friends have an 100% mortgage on a house, most use this scheme or rent. It’s great for people our age who wouldn’t be able to manage a mortgage otherwise.”

Living Room

The couple moved into their new two-bedroom home in January this year and couldn’t be happier.

“We absolutely love the house and fell in love as soon as we saw it. It’s a four-minute walk from Emily’s mum so the location is just perfect. We had never heard of Persona Homes or Home Group and have had a brilliant experience with them.”


The experience has been positive despite the pandemic which resulted in a few delays for the couple.

“There was a slight delay as construction workers were on furlough for a while, but the process has generally been smooth. We got to watch it being built, which was exciting,” said Tyler.

“It’s strange but having various lockdowns in the past year has meant that we’ve been spending less money which enabled us to save for the house so that worked in our favour. As well as construction delays, the landscaping was also pushed back as the team had a COVID outbreak. Donna, our sales manager, has been fantastic throughout and has always found the answer for our many questions.”


As the couple are both working partly from home – Tyler in HR and Emily in administration - they are thrilled to have a place to call their own.

“The experience has been great, and the house is fantastic,” said Tyler. “There have been small snagging issues, but the team have always sorted them within a day or two so we’re really happy. It’s the perfect option for people of our generation.”

Emily and Tyler